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Is there its need in aviation industry? The Bachelors of Science degree in Aviation Management is a four-year HEC Approved designed program for students pursuing to lead and succeed in the world of aviation. Students gain insight into how airlines and airports operate and to prepare them for management roles in the aviation industry particularly in Gulf areas or overseas. This degree will help you to advance your career in aviation management and thrive in the constantly changing aviation environment.

In the bachelor degree program of Aviation Management you learn about the special characteristics of the aviation industry’s global networks, managerial challenges and mechanism-based business management skills. The program explores all façades of aviation management, including airport design and development, flight operation management, aviation career development, air traffic management, aviation security, global airline management human factor in aviation, human resource in management, aviation strategy and policy, aviation safety management, aviation security and global aviation business strategies.

This approach in aviation education gives the student a value addition over other aviation programs by focusing on the skills and knowledge required for today’s fast growing aviation industry. In this program, students learn how to organize airport and how an airline is run successfully, learn special characteristics of aviation industry’s global network and innovative skill also, how airlines and airports collaborate with their partners in order to get passengers satisfaction and for their safety and security.


To meet the needs of the continually adapting environment of education and business with the emphasis on aviation.


Well equip the students of BS Aviation Management to get better job opportunities in the competitive and growing aviation industry.


The BS Aviation Management degree aims the students learning and IAS to gain the following objectives in particular:

  1. IAS, a world class and best human resource producer for aviation industry.
  2. Make available qualified and experienced faculty.
  3. Formulate competitive & comprehensive syllabus of international standard.
  4. Produce the best lot of professionals to serve in the ever growing and competitive aviation industry
  5. Arrange & provide state-of-the-art resources and training aids in all the technical trades of aviation sector, either airport, airlines or general aviation..

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