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Mission Of Our Club

We strive to create leaders for the global aviation industry. We strive to work for on the soft skills of our future aviation leaders. Aviation Club works to bring the hidden talent of the young leaders to the world, we provide a platform for young aviation enthusiasts to explore their potential and to bring an impeccable blend of adventurous and formal activities.


Vision Statement

The idea is to connect students with an interest of aviation, to boost their potential, to introduce them to the industry professionals and to make UMT- IAS a sanctum for all aviators – a place which they can proudly relate to.



  • We really love to bring a new creative change in the Aviation industry of Pakistan by providing the best mind and quality a person should have  to make the change in a positive way
  • To provide students of aviation department a chance to explore there hidden abilities in the field of management and extracurricular activities.
  • To provide a platform that brings all stakeholders (authorities, operators, educational institutions and students) of aviation industry of Pakistan close to each other
  • To build connections with global aviation
  • Students’ interaction with aviation industry professionals
  • To foster the professional behavior in students of aviation department
  • To promote Aviation Department of UMT

UMT Aviation Club was formed in the year 2013, by a team of brilliant Aviators, but the true founder of this club was Mr. Bilal Ahmad. Later on this Club reached to its skies and they have arranged numerous activities and a number of seminars, dinners, corporate gatherings and events. This club is right now working its best to provide an informative environment and friendly and practical approach to the students with the Aviators. Currently an Executive committee is running this club and it has hierarchical structure as follows:

M. Hassaan bin Sohail

Ahmad Raza

M. Moin Raza

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