Walton Aviation TRG School

(Sub-campus of aviation)


Since establishment of Institute of Aviation Studies in 2011, the University of Management and Technology remained committed to expand its endeavors from education for aviation to the operational courses, trainings, test centers and hands-on experiences for pilots and aviation professionals of different fields. UMT, therefore, stepped out of the university premises and after acquiring 16-kanals of land from Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority, established a full-fledged set up as “Walton Aviation Training School” on airside at Walton Aerodrome, Lahore. This training school is well equipped with all sorts of facilities may require for advanced courses and trainings. A spacious hangar for GA aircrafts, maintenance area, Chief Engineer office, well facilitated & exclusive living arrangements for pilots visit WATS from other cities for their flying training on flight simulator, spacious class rooms with training aids, conference hall, board room, decorative reception with “Wright Brothers (History of Aviation) Museum”(underway),courtyard, security office/post with CCTV control room, flight simulation chamber and uninterrupted electricity supply.


A hub of Management Studies, Trainings, Courses, Hands-on Experience & Test Center:

  • English Language Proficiency Test (ELPT) center for Pilots. Vide PCAA certificate number: 209/367/2015.
  • Ground courses for Private Pilot License (PPL) / Commercial Pilot License (CPL)/ Instrument Rating (IR)/ Airline Transport Pilot License (ATPL). vide PCAA certificate number:222/393/2016.
  • Upto 30hrs log-able flying training on FAA & PCAA-approved flight simulator for PPL/CPL& IR course at “Walton Aviation Training School” (UMT Sub-Campus for Aviation), Walton Airport, Lahore
  • Flight Operation Officer/ Flight Dispatcher (FOO/FD) License course. Vide PCAA certificate number: 223/394/2016.
  • Relevant classes of students of BS Aviation Management program.
  • Flying experience to the students of BS Aviation Management program on flight simulator, MCX-E.
  • Relevant classes of students of BS Aircraft Maintenance Engineer`s Technology program.
  • Hands-on experience for the students of BSAMET on operational aircrafts under the collaboration of our partners in pursuance of EASA Part-66 (B1.2/B3) License from EASA-Approved MTO, Aero-Bildung, GmbH, Germany.

AMET, My passion

Finding the fault to rectify”. (BSAMET students at WATS)

After a spell of hardworking, enjoying their
leisure time. (BSAMET students at WATS)

“We are the future, you can depend upon us”
(BSAMET students at WATS)

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