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Brief History Advancements

Keeping in view the dire need of true aviation professionals for aviation industry particularly in Pakistan, the Institute of Aviation Studies (IAS) was established in University of Management and Technology (UMT) during Spring-2011 and initially offered 4-year BS Aviation Management (AM) program which gave a new dimension to the aviation education to produced specialized human resource. IAS kept on offering the most fascinating career of students who desire the aviation as a spirit of their dream to learn & teach the adventurous way to sky. It was the beginning of a vision that has produced so far more than 150 alumni who drove innovations in different slots of aviation industry, productively.

2013 was the year when a flight simulator, with a mock-up of aircraft Cessna-172, and Air Traffic Control (ATC) as the training devices were made and set in UMT premises for students of aviation as a part of their BSAM program. These training devices are also utilized for ICAO English Language Proficiency Test (ELPT) for pilots of all categories

Similarly, a huge demand of qualified & licensed professionals in the field of Aircraft Maintenance in Pakistan and particularly in this region pushed us to launch 4-year BS Aircraft Maintenance Engineer`s Technology (AMET) program in 2014 along with the license course of Part-66 (B1.2 & B3) under an EASA-approved,Part-147, Maintenance Training Organization (MTO) named as AERO-Bildung, GmbH, Germany with hands-on experience on operational aircrafts at an airport in Pakistan.

In same year i.e. February, 2014, high officials of Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority (PCAA) visited UMT and after assuring ICAO & PCAA required standards, authorized IAS with three certifications as under:

Authorization of ground courses for Private Pilot License/Commercial Pilot License/Instrument Rating/Airlines Transport Pilot License.(PPL/CPL/IR/ATPL)
Authorization of ground course for Flight Operation Officer/Flight Despatcher. (FOO/FD)
IAS,UMT as an English Language Proficiency Test (ELPT) Center for all categories of pilots in Pakistan
The University of Management and Technology is the only university in Pakistan which has been authorized Institute of Aviation Studies to impart training &ground courses for aviation students of UMT and pilots (PPL/CPL/IR/ATPL) and to act as an examination center for pilots in Pakistan.

In the year of 2014, only in UMT, BSAM degree program was value-added by introducing PCAA-approved “Flight Operation Officer/Flight Despatcher” (FOO/FD) Course for every BSAM student of IAS free of cost, enabling them to directly appear before PCAA examination for FOO/FD license.
In 2014, Institute of Aviation Studies, UMT became the member of USA-based “University Aviation Association” (An international association of the world`s universities having aviation department in their set-up).
In 2015,IAS,UMT held a collaboration simultaneously with four flying clubs in Pakistan for the purpose of hands-on experience on operational aircrafts for the students of BS AMET program as a part of their AMET license of Part-66 (B1.2 & B3).

Kept on flying higher & higher, in 2016, IAS of this university launched a 2-year “MSc. Air Transport Management” program with the collaboration of Turkish Aviation Academy,(an IATA approved aviation training academy & subordinate organization of Turkish Airlines) at Istanbul, Turkey.
In a bid to further expand education in aviation field, UMT stepped-out of university premises in 2017 and established a sub-campus of IAS at Walton Airport. Lahore under the title of “Walton Aviation Training School” for hands-on experience, trainings & courses for aviation students and all category of pilots in Pakistan.

In 2017, an FAA, EASA&PCAA-approved flight simulator, with motion, brought from USA and installed at Walton Aviation Training School, Walton Airport, Lahore first time in Pakistan to provide upto 30hrs log able flying training for pilots i.e. PPL/CPL/IR/ATPL.

In 2018, IAS-UMT is the only university in Pakistan, which is approved by INTERNATIONAL AIR TRANSPORT ASSOCIATION (IATA), to join its global training partner network as an IATA AUTHORIZED TRAINING CENTER (ATC) and allocated IATA ATC 3-letter code as "UMT"

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