Institute of Aviation Studies has not only excelled in providing quality education but has also provided a platform for students to exhibit their talents and to strengthen their abilities. For this objective Aviation Literary forum was established. The forum focuses on different prospects and aspects in order for better understanding of the boundless and interesting world of aviation. The primary works of the forum includes literature which comprises of creative, article and poem writing. The forum also focuses on the awareness of the latest research and development in the field of aviation.

This Literary forum has been established with in the Aviation Club, which hosts and arranges all the activities related to arts, crafts, literature, dramatics, blogging, article writing, composing and many other areas. The purpose of establishing such forum was to provide platform to students where they can show all their talent related to Aviation in fields of arts and crafts, painting, writing and many more. Aviation Literary Forum has been working so hardly and they have arranged many activities and competitions too, they also composed a magazine based on all the latest articles and researches related to Aviation.

The newsletter of aviation literary forum is published online on a monthly basis. It includes articles about the following topics:

  • Technological advancements
  • Latest research and development
  • Advertisements

To instill the interest of students, the forum also arranges different activities for the students, such as awareness programs, seminars, projects and competitions. The forum also hopes to bring together the students of the programs of BS-AM and BS-AMET and to familiarise the general population with the world of aviation.

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