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BS Aviation Management Program Details:

The BS Aviation Management program is designed to aid and equip with quintessential proficiency for excelling in the field of aviation management on domestic and international level:

Semester OneSemester Two
Course TitleCredit HoursCourse TitleCredit Hours
Introduction to Aviation 3 Aviation Sciences-2 3
Aviation Sciences-1 3 Aviation Law 3
Micro Economics 3 Islamic Studies 3
English Grammar and Comprehensive 3 Composition and Communication 3
Business Math 3 Business Statistics 3
Pakistan Studies 3 Computer Application in Business 3

Semester ThreeSemester Four
Course TitleCredit HoursCourse TitleCredit Hours
A/C Performance & Flight Simulation 3 Aviation Safety Management 3
Air Space & Air Traffic Management 3 Flight Operation Management 3
Principles of Management 3 Aviation Career Development 3
Fundamental of Accounting 3 Principles of Marketing 3
Macro Economics 3 Foreign Language 3
Research paper Writing & Presentation 3 Cost Accounting 3

Semester FiveSemester Six
Course TitleCredit HoursCourse TitleCredit Hours
Global Airlines Management 3 Leadership Skills in Aviation 3
Aviation Security 3 Airlines Sales Management 3
Airline Marketing Management 3 Airline Financial Management 3
Airport Management 3 Human Factors in Aviation 3
Business Finance 3 Aviation Entrepreneurship 3
Management Information System 3    

Semester SevenSemester Eight
Course TitleCredit HoursCourse TitleCredit Hours
Air Cargo & Ground Handling Services 3 Internship 3
Human Resources Management in Aviation 3 Aviation Strategy & Policy 3
Aviation Research Methods 3 Airline Maintenance Management 3
Airport Design & Development 3 Aviation Practicum/Thesis 3
Environmental Factors in Aviation Management 3    

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