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Student visited many areas of Allama Iqbal International Airport

Thursday, May 23, 2024

Student  visited many areas of Allama Iqbal International Airport:

  • Arrival and Welcome Briefing: Introduction to airport staff and overview of the day's itinerary.
  • Control Tower Visit: Observing air traffic controllers at work and understanding their role in managing air traffic.
  • Security Operations: Tour of the security screening area and explanation of the protocols followed.
  • Baggage Handling System: Observation of the baggage sorting and transportation process.
  • Runway and Hangar Tour: Visit to the runways and maintenance hangars to see aircraft servicing and storage.
  • Career Q&A Session: Interactive session with various airport professionals.
  • Closing Discussion and Departure: Reflection on the visit and departure from the airport.


Followings are the key educational outcomes derived from this visit.

1.       A practical understanding of airport operations and logistics.

2.       Insight into the technological and regulatory aspects of aviation.

3.       Enhanced awareness of safety and security measures.

4.       Inspiration and guidance for potential career paths in the aviation industry.

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