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Now do it yourself - Students in Practical Environment

Wednesday, October 04, 2017

To polish our students at aviation industrial level and for professionalism in-take, IAS gives equal and sound opportunities to all its students to do different kinds of internship which directly lead them to practical learning enhancement. 

Nabila Abbas

Bs Aviation Management
Student ID: 15009001026
Organization: Civil Aviation Authority (CAA)
Place: Lahore

Experience:Such aviation based sectors like CAA when allow you to have an experience of their work from ground to airside operations, one learns professionalism, discipline and career counseling.

Likewise I have too learned a variety of practical as well as information based activities. On the level one feels close to his/her destination. Really thankful to my department as well to CAA for giving me such opportunity which carve the students to their best level of learning.

Maryam Razaqq

Bs Aviation Management
Student ID: 15009001029
Organization: Civil Aviation Authority (CAA)

Experience:Really had a great time at airport while learning new and novel things with creativity, fun and practical acknowledgement day by day. Such opportunities give you a way to direct yourself within your field.

As whole, I’m thankful to my department who is trying hard to produce effectiveness among students.

Fatima Javaid

Bs Aviation Management
Student ID: 15009001054
Organization: Civil Aviation Authority (CAA)

Experience:It was an amazing period to experience the working style of airport from general to main operational departments of ATC/radar. It gave me a direction to head over my career in an exact and accurate battle way by availing variety of information from different departments at airport. I love my field as it’s diversified. .

Muhammad Ibrahim Khan

Bs Aviation Management
Student ID: 15009001073
Organization: Airblue International Airline
Place: Airblue Airline City Office, Multan
Areas covered:
  • Commercial Operations
  • Airport Operations
  • Hajj Operations

Experience:Great experience from Hajji Camp to Boarding lounge Good place to be in terms of getting to meet so many people and have vast airline knowledge. New people every day and the opportunity to deal and manage. Working in a team environment is key as well as dealing with issues individually. The most enjoyable part of the job is feeling satisfied I have done all that I can and to the best of my ability.

Essam Sohail

Organization: Sialkot international Airport
Place: Sialkot international Airport

Experience:Sialkot International Airport has a well experienced and highly qualified team to deliever outstanding services and ongoing support to its passengers. Furthermore they are ready to be of assistance in everyway.My experience at SIAL was great, full of everlasting knowledge in Aviation Field, Over all it is a very relaxed working enviroment . I wish for futher acknowledgements at SIAL.

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