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Industrial Visit to Department of Plant Protection:

Thursday, June 23, 2022

The Institute of Aviation Studies (IAS) organized an industrial visit to Department of Plant Protection on Wednesday, June 15, 2022.

Department of Plant Protection offers a wide range of aviation services such as Standardization and import of pesticides, Aerial Spray, Plant Quarantine, Locust Control in its international aspect and maintenance of locust warning Organization, located at Walton Airport, Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan.

The following ambassadors from different Departments of UMT paid a visit to Department of Plant Protection

  • Dr Faran Ahmad Hameed- Assistant Professor, Institute of Aviation Studies
  • M. Ahmad Abdullah - Industrial Trainer Institute of Aviation Studies

The visit commenced with a presentation by the Chief Engineer Mr. Irfan Shahid of Department of Plant Protection. Which focused on the company’s introduction, its growth rate, and overall performance status.

During the visit, Mr. Irfan Shahid gave the detailed introduction of the DPP fleet and overall maintenance facilities provided by the Department of Plant Protection.

The UMT Faculty and students got real-time experience in various sections, and the visit's main objective was to understand flying and maintenance operations at flying club. The goal of this visit was to provide an insight for the students with major in aircraft maintenance engineering an on-site feel of their curriculum. This enhances their approach in absorbing the dynamic points of theoretical learning. Students get a view of industry standards and workflow ethics. The various real time scenarios in turn comes with the learning package. The students were taken through the process of viewing the maintenance tasks which were being performed by the maintenance engineers at local flying club.


The visit proved to be highly beneficial for the faculty and students of UMT. All in all, it was an innovative, groundbreaking step toward sustainable development.

IAS at UMT is striving and thriving each day to achieve commercialization of industrial projects and build strong industry-academia linkages.


There are some informative moments from the industrial visits of students to the following organization:

  • Department of Plant Protection

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