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Tuesday, December 27, 2022

ICAD is known as international civil aviation day. It is celebrated in order to honor one of the most important organizations in the world ‘ICAO’. ICAO was established on 7th December during Chicago convention in 1944. ICAO regulates aviation in all of its signatory states. The main objective of ICAO is the safe and efficient flow of aviation all around the world. UMT is a privileged university that has an excellent school for aviation studies known as “Institute of Aviation Studies” and as an honor, every year UMT celebrates ICAD on 7th December. This year was also no exception and umt celebrated with all the enthusiasm and pride one could. It was hosted by the students of aviation and organized by aviation club exclusively under the supervision of Sir Kalim Ur Rehman and IAS Faculty. There were pioneers and giants of aviation, who were invited. Among the honorable guests, our chief guest was Mr. Aftab Ch. During the celebration there were some segments of showing pride and honor, which were divided into two segments, during the first segment it included the following activities:-

  • Parade by the students and reading the message sent exclusively for UMT from ICAO
  • Ceremony of cake cutting by the guests and heads of IAS
  • Sharing of valuables thoughts  by the honorable guests
  • Distribution of souvenirs to the respected guests.

In the second segment, it included the following activities:-

  • Opening ceremony by releasing balloons
  • RC Flying
  • Airplane Gliding Competition supervised by the respected Sir Kalim ur Rehman
  • Showcase of scale models
  • Lanterns ceremony

As an aviators it is a pride for every aviator to celebrate this day and UMT is keen on keeping this legacy alive, it has been alive and it will be alive forever.


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