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Friday, December 14, 2018

It is a moment of great pride for the students of aviation, IAS & UMT itself that a world tour on Mooney Bravo aircraft under the title “Around The World” Expedition on the flight simulator in UMT by the students of 13th batch (The Wind Twisters) was planned. The flight took-off from Karachi International Airport (OPKC) on 12th of Nov 2018 and successfully completed & safely landed back at Karachi Airport on 12th December,2018.

This extraordinary expedition was undertaken exclusively by the students of batch13th “The Wind Twisters”. Each individual performed up to the standards set for the global flight plan. This world tour is also unique of its kind and first time in Pakistan in such a way that:-

1. Participation of total students of batch 13th (The Wind Twisters):76

2. Pair of two students for one leg of flight as Pilot-in-Command & First officer, turn by turn.

3. Total legs around the world: 34 Flights

4. Total airports used for take-off & landings:

5. Total countries & provinces visited:

6: The flights flown all over the Medians

7. Nature of emergencies face during flights: fuel, weather & mechanical faults ,poor visibility

8. More than 26148NM was covered during the entire flights.

9. Aircraft used was Mooney Bravo-M20M (Single Engine) with the registration”AP-VFA”

10. Number of days: 29


Participants of this program developed their airman-ship and polished their pilotage and also grasped the procedures of instruments in flight simulation. However, it was not a smooth ride all the way but each flight crew made memories which they will cherish for the years to come.

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