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State-of-the-art, Advanced & Research Oriented Learning Environment.

IAS combines the resources of a major research university with personal attention and friendly teaching & learning atmosphere. Taking full advantage of that, combination gives students an edge they need to succeed in graduate school, workplace and in the life itself. They expect and receive one-on-one attention from field-experienced and qualified faculty members from different organizations throughout aviation industry. Each individual student of aviation programs quickly find their advisors, career specialists, mentors and tutors within their easy access. Following are the salient features of a congenial learning environment:

A double-story and spacious library with a huge collection of books on every topic including aviation related.

State-of-the-art aviation training devices/aids in the premises of the university and at Walton Aviation Training School,Walton Airport for UMT students and pilots.

All around academic environment in spacious and well protected university premises.

Hands-on experience for BSAMET students on operational aircrafts at the airport.

Internships with different aviation organizations i.e. PCAA, Airlines, Passengers & Ground Handling Agents and corporate sector in aviation.

Seminar & Workshops on aviation held by IAS and on other topics held by various departments of UMT.

Aviation related extracurricular activities held by IAS & UMT as well time to time.

Sports activities at university level and competitions.

Aviation students group activities through students-run “Aviation Club” and “Aviation Literary Forum” (ALF).

Today, around 300 students attend IAS classes at UMT. They come for graduation by highly qualified and trained faculty. The IAS has an over whelming contribution in bringing positive changes in the society especially in aviation industry.


UMT as a private but nonprofit organization, are committed to providing you a world class education about aviation, while being mindful of your costs. UMT is offering the scholarships for deserving students according to their needs and merit.


In aviation industry, globalization process has been a universal force. Factors contributing to globalization include market, production, culture, labor, technology, environment and regulation. Globalization provides huge potential profits to companies and nations. Without globalization, there is no existence of aviation industry because this industry is directly and strongly connected with global corporation and interlink with other countries. In aviation industry, even domestic or national policies designed to encourage the smooth way of relationships among countries and also promote the globalization.

Dynamic and Diverse Environment:

IAS is providing you a life-based educational learning about aviation that will help you in the future. A wide range of resources and services focus on academic and career success, with several dedicated to meeting the special needs of students, transfer students and so on. IAS creates a challenging environment but also a supportive and dynamic environment.

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