Mission Vision & Objectives


To offer interdisciplinary degree programs in emerging fields fulfilling the needs of the knowledge based economy like Mobile, Sustainable Energy, Forensic Sciences and Aviation. The focus of the programs will be both on business aspects as well as on technology.


To produce technology professionals, entrepreneurs and managers who will either launch their own companies or will work at startups and established companies in new business ventures in the Internet, Mobile, Sustainable Energy and Forensic Sciences Sectors.

To offer state of the art aviation management and technology programs to meet rapidly growing demand for professionals in this exciting area.


Institute of Aviation Studies, UMT is the first who is one of the members of Aviation community among the International universities under  University Aviation Association (UAA), USA.


  •     To provide both breadth and depth by offering the right combination of business and technology courses.
  •     To foster relationship with local and international technology partners.
  •     To provide graduates of our programs with the most up to date knowledge in the above technology fields.
  •     To provide graduates with both theoretical and practical knowledge in above areas.
  •     Enroll the best aviation instructors that are available.
  •     Formulate easy and competitive syllabus.
  •     Produce the best candidates to serve in the ever growing and competitive aviation industry.
  •     Provide best resources in all technical and managerial trades of aviation sector.
  •     Conduct yourself professionally and ethically and promote a professional technical image.
  •     Maintain safe operating conditions for all geographical areas and flying conditions.
  •     Communicate effectively and concisely ideas, directions, and operations, in written and oral communications.
  •     Use effective stress-management strategies.

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