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BS Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Technology (AMET)

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The Bachelors in Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Technology integrates EASA Part 66 modules for B1.2/B3 license category along with degree subjects. The modules range from basic aviation science and advance to details of complex systems and their maintenance. The program is designed to aid and equip you with quintessential proficiency for excelling in the field of maintenance engineering.

Semester OneSemester Two
Course TitleCredit HoursCourse TitleCredit Hours
Applied Mathematics (EASA) 3 Electronic Fundamentals (EASA) 3
Engineering Physics (EASA) 3 Electrical Fundamentals (EASA) 3
Introduction to Maintenance Engineering 3 Heat and Thermodynamics 3
Basic Aerodynamics (EASA) 3 Material Sciences 3
English 1 3 Principles of Chemistry 3
Computer Applications in Business 3 English 2 3

Semester ThreeSemester Four
Course TitleCredit HoursCourse TitleCredit Hours
Aircraft Maintenance Practices – 1 (EASA) 3 Material and Hardware – 2 (EASA) 3
Materials and Hardware – 1 (EASA) 3 Human Factors (EASA) 3
Digital Techniques/  Electronic Instrument Displays (EASA) 3 Programming Fundamentals 3
English 3 3 Engineering Mechanics 3
Islamic Studies 3 Pakistan Studies 3
Probability and Statistics 3 Aircraft Maintenance Practices – 2 (EASA) 3

Semester FiveSemester Six
Course TitleCredit HoursCourse TitleCredit Hours
Aero-plane Aerodynamics, Structures and Systems -1 (EASA) 3 Aviation Legislation (EASA) 3
Fundamentals of Troubleshooting 3 Piston Engine (EASA) 3
Organizational Behavior 3 Aircraft Cabin Interior Systems 3
Introduction to Mechatronics 3 Maintenance Management 3
Feedback Control Systems 3 Aeroplane Aerodynamics, Structures and Systems -2 (EASA) 3
    Aircraft Assembly and Airworthiness 3

Semester SevenSemester Eight
Course TitleCredit HoursCourse TitleCredit Hours
Elective 3 Turbine Engine-2 (EASA) 3
Propeller (EASA) 3 Technopreneurship 3
Machine Theory 3 Modern Destructive and Non-Destructive Testing 3
Turbine Engine – 1 (EASA) 3 Final Year Project - 2 3
Final Year Project – 1 3    

The examinations for EASA Part 66 modules are held through our German affiliate Aero-Bildung, an EASA approved Part 147 organization. The delivery of EASA Part 66 modules is also carried out in conjunction with the relevant curriculum provided by our partner organization. During the four year study you also get an opportunity to gain hands-on experience of three years while working in operational aircraft maintenance environment.

The maintenance activities are specially designed keeping in view requirements fulfillment for acquiring the EASA B1.2/B3 license. Specialized personnel at various maintenance facilities located at Walton Aerodrome, Lahore, oversee and carry out the practical training of the enrolled students.

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